Sunday, November 15, 2009

Restaurant Argo- Fira, Santorini

Restaurant Argo is situated on the port side of Fira with a view of the cruise ships and the caldera below. It has a beautiful location and the food was excellent. We tried the olives, greek salad and bean spread. The beans were a little plain, but all in all an excellent meal. Would definitely recommend this one in Fira.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunset- Santorini, Greece

In September, my husband and I took a second honeymoon. In Greece, the next few posts will treat restaurants from that trip.

Sunset Fish Tavern

So when we made reservations at Sunset, which was recommended online, we thought that we were getting reservations at a restaurant and one end of Oia, a great sunset spot in Santorini. Turns out that Sunset fish tavern is not that Sunset. It is a restaurant in the port of Ammoudi, which we found out is a long, long walk from the edge of Oia, down many, many stairs. That said the restaurant was certainly an experience.

Sunset sits on the edge of the water, which was literally about 1-2 feet away from where we were sitting. It was quite nice to hear the waves lapping up against the spot where we were sitting. The restaurant is; however, situated to low on the island to really be an ideal sunset spot. This is a restaurant that specialized in fish, which is cooked in a simple preparation, but is extremely fresh. My husband had the squid in garlic, which was exquisite. I focused primarily on the appetizers, getting olives and greek salad. Both were good, but no better than anything else on the island. Given the walk to get down to the restaurant and the expense of the cab back, I would probably just eat in Oia next time. Basically, good plain fish, but nothing special.